Seneca Freedom Toaster

The Seneca Freedom Toaster is a kiosk we built that will let students, staff and visitors to Seneca College burn a CD or DVD with open source software free of charge.

It is currently located at the Seneca@York campus, at the entrance to the library and computing commons in the SEQ building.

We hope the selection of software available is the best and most useful of open source for Seneca students (e.g. OpenSuSE, Ubuntu, The Open CD).

The Team

The Freedom Toaster success was a result of cooperation between students, teachers, administration, research and innovation, IT, marketing, and finance from Seneca College.

Name Role / Department Contribution
Hassan Assiri Manager / Academic Computer Systems Donated the PC, helped purchase the touchscreen and the burner
Tom Bartsiokas Marketing and Communications Wrote an article about the toaster, published in the school paper
Kubilay Dagdelen CNS Student / Computer Studies Helped with the painting
David Humphrey Professor / Computer Studies Promotion
Vienna Ly Graphic Designer Designed the artwork
Tiago Moreira BSD Student / Computer Studies Lots of work on all the hardware matters
Dominic Noronha Manager / Budgets & Financial Planning Technical advice that set us onto the right track more than once
Kevin Pitts eLearning Faculty Advisor Found a student (working part-time for him) to design the artwork.
John Selmys Professor, Linux Club coordinator / Computer Studies Every part of the project from start to finish
Andrew Smith BSD Student / Computer Studies Project coordinator, software, website, a bit of everything
Chris Tyler Professor / Computer Studies Technical advice that set us onto the right track more than once
Evan Weaver Chair / Computer Studies Donated the cabinet.
The cdot project Centre for Development of Open Technology / Seneca College Subversion repository and space on the web server
The ibox committee Idea Box / Seneca College Most funding for the toaster

Building the Toaster - Illustrated

This page has a mostly complete account of how we built the toaster. Lots of pictures.

Building the Toaster - Parts and Tools

An incomplete list of Parts and Tools we used for building the toaster.


Our subversion repository allows anonymous readonly access, use this command to download it: svn co svn://

For obvious reasons the ISO images aren't in there. To figure out how to get the software running read README.TXT and isolist/README.TXT

If you have questions, contact Andrew. The address is at the bottom of the page.


The artwork is also available from subversion. It's in Adobe Illustrator CS2 format. Use this command to download it: svn co svn://

It is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.
Creative Commons License

The proposal

The proposal is how the ball got rolling. Notice that it has information relevant to the project sponsor (ibox in this case), and not any of the ideology I subscribe to.

I put it here as inspiration for you, maybe it will help you build one in your school.


Other toasters

The idea came from the Freedom Toaster projects in South Africa. They have a website here. Among other things there is a full list of toasters in Africa.

You can use this form to send me email with questions or whatever.