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VncSharp: A .NET VNC Client Library

What is VncSharp?

VncSharp is a free and open source (GPL) implementation of the VNC Remote Framebuffer (RFB) Protocol for the .NET Framework. VNC (Virtual Network Computing) is a cross-platform client/server protocol allowing remote systems to be controlled over a network.

VNC was originally developed at AT&T Laboratories in Cambridge and is now being developed by RealVNC in the UK. You can download VNC clients and servers from RealVNC's website, or from a number of other parallel development projects.

VncSharp is a VNC Client Library and custom Windows Forms Control. VncSharp is also free software, released under the GPL. You can freely use VncSharp to bundle VNC functionality into your own .NET applications simply by dragging and dropping a control onto your form.

You can download the binaries, source code, and example code on the Download page.

Technical Details

VncSharp is the best fully managed VNC control there is, and the code is now very mature. People around the world are using it in interesting ways (e.g., Terminals). What began in 2002 as a port of the Java client evolved into a complete rewrite to take advantage of both C#'s and the .NET Framework's strengths. VncSharp supports all known versions of the RFB Protocol from 3.3 onward, including 3.8. You can read more about how VncSharp was written and how you can use it on the Documentation page.

Contributing and the State of the Project

The code is now at a stable version 1.0 and is no longer actively maintained. You can find the code on github at if you want to fix something or fork it.


VncSharp is licensed for use in open source applications. If you have an idea for another use and require a different license, let me know.

Who Wrote it?

VncSharp was written by professor David Humphrey with contributions from others around the world.

VncSharp is a project under the CDOT initiative at Seneca College