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What is it?

Ezed stands for EZ EDitor, as in easy editor. Or it could be E-ZED, as in E-Z, as in easy. Anyway, it is a console based text editor for UNIX and Linux platforms, written in C++, by me, John Flores. My aim was to write a basic text editor that is easy to use and looks ok. It has a nice navigable menu if you forget the keyboard shortcuts. It also has line numbers for editing source code. Here is a screenshot for those of you who care about that kind of thing.

Design notes

There is no overstrike mode. Does anyone need it? I don't.

Tabs are replaced by spaces. Why? Because tab characters suck. Especially when writing code. They always change size from editor to editor.

I decided to avoid any reverse video. I doesn't work well with some terminal emulators.


Get all the source files, including the makefile. The link is at the top of the page. Hack the makefile, type "make", this will make an executable.

If you have a phobos account, a binary version can be got from the following path: ~jmflores/bin/ezed

To Do

Who wants to help? Anyone? Anyone?

  • Make compiled binaries
  • Write a README file
  • Write installation scripts. configure, make, make install...
  • Testing